Our Mission

Our mission is to be the preferred construction resource for growing companies. We are driven to deliver solutions to our clients that facilitate business growth through our vast and meaningful relationships with subcontractors, financial partners, developers and industry consultants.

At Downing our employees, clients, subcontractors and their families come first. The safety and health of all is our primary focus. We work diligently to take all practical steps to safeguard from accidents and to maintain an effective safety program. View our safety manuals below.

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How Downing was built

Downing Construction Inc. was founded in 1966 by D. Robert (Bob) Downing. Bob started with one 8-by-20 foot trailer, one employee and two trucks. By the 1970’s, Downing built nearly half of the houses constructed in Indianola, Iowa.

In 1975, we built a new office and warehouse and have since expanded six times.

By the 1980s, the housing market was changing. We learned to change with the times and we started seeking out more commercial construction. In addition to metal buildings, we constructed various projects from restrooms for the City of Des Moines Parks Department to the renovation of Old Chapel at Simpson College.

In 2001, Denis Frischmeyer joined Downing Construction Inc. as Operations Manager, and was eventually appointed Vice-President. Bob knew Denis shared his vision of customer commitment and would provide the same type of leadership that has resulted in the respect that the company has built in the business community for the last 50 years. Denis was promoted to President in 2010 and Bob was named Chairman.

In 2016, Justin Brown and Joe Butler joined Denis as partners in the company. Justin and Joe manage the day to day operations of the company while working on key business development aspects of Downing. As the construction market continues to change, Denis, Justin and Joe are working diligently to be at the forefront of these changes and thus the new brand for Downing was born.

At Downing we are incredibly proud of our history and very excited about our future. Our team is committed to understanding our clients’ needs and we are Driven to Deliver the results our clients have come to expect from working with Downing.

Downing was two steps ahead on every detail and was a great resource for me.

We offer a single point of contact for both the design and construction phases of a project. Our quick thinking and strong communication skills help with everything from estimation and pre-construction to architecture, engineering, construction and post-construction.

If you have worked with an architect, have drawings and need someone to build, Downing has served as general contractor on many projects, delivering on time, and within budget. 

No two projects are the same. Our design-build background provides a wealth of knowledge that we find incredibly valuable in our approach to Construction Management as an alternative contract delivery method.

At Downing, we are more than a general contractor. Our focus is our clients and their needs drive us each and every day. Whether that is assisting with financial services or legal counsel, connecting to local real estate professionals, space planning through one of our design partners, or simply providing a sounding board, we are there for our clients in whatever capacity they need us.

Downing is not a traditional developer since we rarely develop for ourselves. When appropriate, we work with developers to provide an alternate delivery method for our client’s construction projects. We can offer this because we have expertise on our team to bring a value-added approach to development partnerships, resulting in superior development work and satisfied owners.

You’re a great dentist, but dental school didn’t teach you how to manage and grow your practice as a business. Downing Dental Solutions offers a wide range of services to set you up for success. Our delivery is simple. Through our one on one personal approach we will provide you and your staff with the tools and knowledge needed to operate a smooth and efficient practice, allowing you to focus on your dentistry.


Denis Frischmeyer



Denis joined Downing in 2001 with a strong vision to push Downing to the next level.  Denis’s financial background provides a unique approach to construction. That, along with his “Client First” style of leadership, has been the catalyst to help Downing reach its current level of stature in the industry.

Joe Butler



Joe was hired in the Spring of 2006 and quickly showed his value to the company as he has been the model for hard work at Downing. Joe has a laser sharp focus on the details and quality that our clients have come to expect when working with Downing.

Justin Brown



Justin was hired in Fall of 2006 and quickly jumped in to operational procedures focusing on streamlining the day to day processes. Justin’s passion to help his clients grow and succeed, his style of leadership, ability to empower others, and his “will do” attitude makes Justin an incredible asset to any project team.

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